Flag Retirement

downloadHave an worn, torn, faded, or soiled American flag? Troop 172 will retire the flag with the dignity and respect our nation’s flag deserves.

Retirement ceremonies are conducted during an outdoor campfire program throughout the year. Flags are respectfully prepared for retirement by separating the flag into pieces. Typically, one flag is selected to be a representative of all flags retired during the ceremony. An honor guard presents the flag while the thirteen strips are removed and placed respectfully in a campfire one at a time. The strips are followed by the blue field of stars, which are never disassembled. The blue field represents the union of our fifty states which should never be broken.

Additional flags are retired at the conclusion of the formal ceremony. These flags are cut into quarters, ensuring that the blue field is not cut. The quartered flags are then placed in the fire one at a time. Metal grommets are recovered from the ashes and buried at a later time.

If you would like Troop 172 to retire your unserviceable flag, contact a member of the troop. Please include the history of the flag with your donations. Flags with a unique history of where it was flown or displayed will be given a special recognition during the ceremony.